Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Do what you love and love what you do!

Loving every bit of what I'm doing these days! If I don't enjoy it I won't do it. Make sure you are following me on Instagram @Keyuanar and on Snapchat @Keyuanar for updates.
"Too much of the glitz and they won't root for you, too much of the struggle and they won't bellieve in you",,,,,,,, Prove them all wrong!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

New Cosmetic Line.......

Constantly working on ways to bring my visions alive I have created beauty products for my own Cosmetic Line. I decided to create colors for women of all skin tones. I will add more products as the business grows. I believe we are all powerful women regardless of what direction in life we decide to take with our looks, styles, beliefs and goals. I believe in empowering women and encouraging them. We look to other women for inspiration and motivation whether you want to believe this or not.  Because I believe every woman should have a touch of class and sophistication I created colors that will deliver that look. A color that can be worn to work, happy hour, a casual weekend and a night out on the town while turning of heads in a more respectful way. It is also filled with Vitamin E to keep your lips moisterized because I believe in keeping the inside as beautiful as the outside in all aspects. My line is named "Bloum Cosmetics" pronounced "Bloom". My company slogan is "The woman who continues to Bloum will never fail~Bloum Cosmetics. The name "Bloum" is more than just a name to me, it is a name that describes my love for the women who continues to bloum in life determined to become a better woman whether you are a mother home raising kids, caring for a loved one, in college, running a business, in the office all day or just a woman who is trying to find their way in life. I salute you all. Continue to "Bloum" in many different ways and never allow anyone to discourage your dreams. Stay tuned for my Launching date in the next couple weeks.